What kind of editorial assistance do I receive?

We have a full editorial staff that can do everything from developmental editing to proofreading, in English or Spanish.

Not every manuscript will need all these types of editing.

Manuscript Evaluation: $150 per 50,000 words.
(For completed manuscripts, this service will help you determine what level of editing would be helpful and will also suggest directions for revision.)

Developmental editing: $55 an hour.
(If you have a completed manuscript that could use some structural help.)

Copyediting: $4–7 per manuscript page (250 words).
(Rates are based on a sample edit; this type of editing is sometimes called line editing.)

Proofreading: $2 per manuscript page (250 words).
(After all editing is done and the layout is finalized.)

Ghostwriting: $75 per hour.
(If you have an idea but can’t quite seem to put it in book form.)

Design services—covers, swag, promotional materials:  $55 an hour.

Can I get an ISBN?

Yes! ISBNs are $99 and can be assigned either to Out There Books or the publisher of your choice.