Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my book cost and how many will I get?

Bulk book printing is actually pretty affordable. So far the books I’ve printed range from around $5 (268 pages b/w) to $12 (58 pages full color) each. And e-books don’t cost you anything once the editing and design work is finished!

Who owns my copyright to the work?

YOU do! I don’t want to own your copyright. That way you can sell your book to a distributor (or Hollywood!) later.

What’s the royalty deal?

That depends on how you sell the book. If I host a page for you here at Out There Books, you decide your price and I will collect a 15% fee per sale. So if your book sells for $10.00, I’d take $1.50. So you decide what you need to make on your book and you sell it anywhere you’d like.

What kind of editorial assistance do I receive?

We have a full editorial staff that can do everything from developmental editing to proofreading, in English or Spanish.

Not every manuscript will need all these types of editing.

Manuscript Evaluation: $150 per 50,000 words.
(For completed manuscripts, this service will help you determine what level of editing would be helpful and will also suggest directions for revision.)

Developmental editing: $55 an hour.
(If you have a completed manuscript that could use some structural help.)

Copyediting: $4–7 per manuscript page (250 words).
(Rates are based on a sample edit; this type of editing is sometimes called line editing.)

Proofreading: $2 per manuscript page (250 words).
(After all editing is done and the layout is finalized.)

Ghostwriting: $75 per hour.
(If you have an idea but can’t quite seem to put it in book form.)

Design services—covers, swag, promotional materials:  $55 an hour.

Can I get an ISBN?

Yes – ISBNs are $99 and can be assigned either to Out There Books or the publisher of your choice.

Can you design my cover? Or can I provide my own design?

Yes! you decide. We won’t stick you with an unattractive cover – we’ll work with you till it’s right. The same with the inside pages. Design fees are $55. an hour. Our designer is an expert in Illustrator and Photoshop and works very fast.

What is the schedule for printing?

After the last edits are made and the layout has passed your approval – it takes between 7-10 days to print the copies and then a few days to ship them to you.

Will you provide publicity for my book?

I will post your book – here at Out There Books, Amazon and LuLu books. If you have a list you want me to send announcements to – that can be arranged as well.

Can it be available as an e-book?

Yes I can prepare your book to be an E-book for ipad, iphone, Kindle and Sony readers. (and maybe other readers if they use the same formats)

Can I choose what size, binding, inside page layout, etc for my book?

Of course! This is your book! It should look exactly like you envision it. There are certain rules about printing we’ll have to follow…. your book page numbers should be divisible by 4. The outside cover will be full color (one sided) And standard book sizes should apply. (most cost effective)

Have another question? Ask me!